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Birthdate:Aug 9
This is mainly a fandom-based journal with the rare personal post thrown in. Below is a list of my fandoms & pairings but it's by no means comprehensive. You'll find a lot of slash fic in my writing and communities. No like, no read.

Fandoms: Daniel Craig as James Bond, Primeval, Battlestar Galactica, Torchwood, The Magnificent Seven, Kyle XY, OZ, Rome, The Shield, The Invisible Man, NASCAR, Indy Car Series, F1, Star Trek XI, RPS/RPF, Hawaii Five-0

Primeval Ships: Becker/Matt, Becker/Jess, Becker/Cutter, Becker/Lester, Becker/Ryan, Becker/Stephen, Becker/Lyle (OC), Cutter/Stephen, Cutter/Claudia, Cutter/Ryan, Lester/Lyle (OC), Ryan/Stephen, Connor/Abby, Finn (OC)/Future Taylor (OC), Ditzy (OC)/Ryan, Dane (OC)/Cutter, Dane (OC)/Lester
Primeval Fic Likes: Becker-whumping, bottom!Becker, Lyle-whumping, bottom!Lyle

Star Trek XI Ships: Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/Spock/McCoy, Kirk/Pike, Pike/McCoy, Kirk/Pike/McCoy
Trek XI Fic Likes: McCoy-whumping, bottom McCoy

The Expendables Ships: Gunnar/Barney, Gunnar/Lee
The Expendables Fic Likes: Gunnar-whumping, banter

RPS Ships: Chris Pine/Zach Quinto, Chris Pine/Karl Urban
RPS Fic Likes: Bottom Karl, comedy fic, slice of life (cooking dinner, working out, playing video games etc), angst

Hawaii Five-0 Ships: Danny/Steve
Hawaii Five-0 Fic Likes: Steve angst, Steve angst, Dom!Danny & sub!Steve, Steve angst

Kinks: angst, dub-con (with comfort at the end), adventure, alternate universes, hurt/comfort
Squicks: watersports, chan

Screencaps: [info]kalena_henden | [info]hidefan | [info]toxic_caps | [info]rawr_caps
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