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Title: Blessing or Curse?
Characters: Taylor, Ryan, Blade, Stephen, Ditzy, Hugh, and Shane
Rating: G
Warning: None
Challenge: For [ profile] primeval100 prompt #110, Big Brother.
Authors Note: Ditzy and Blade belong to [ profile] fredbassett. I thank her for letting me play with them. Shane, Hugh and this version of Taylor belong to me. They are free to a good home. Ryan belongs to Impossible Pictures.


Blessing or Curse? )

Evil bunny!

Apr. 5th, 2009 10:46 pm
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Cutter's hands shook as he read the first page of the file spread out before him on his desk.

"It can't be," he mumbled to himself. "This has to be a fake."

Captain Stephen Becker.

Born May 2000.

"Stephen Hart was my father, Cutter."

Cutter stiffened, not daring to turn around to face the young man.  And, though he already knew the answer to his question, Cutter asked it any way.

"And your mother?"

"Hello again, Nick."

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Title: The Rainbow Connection
Disclaimer: Blade & Finn belong to [ profile] fredbassett. I thank her for letting me play with the boys. Taylor, Hugh & Shane are mine. Everyone else belongs to Impossible Pictures. I wonder if Jim Henson ever imagined inspiring something like this?
Rating: PG

So yeah. This little thing had a real point three weeks ago. I've forgotten what it was, though, but am still madly in love with this scene so...

Someday we'll find it... )
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Disclaimer: Finn belongs to [ profile] fredbassett. As ever, I thank her for letting me play with him. Hugh & Taylor belong to me. Everyone else belongs to Impossible Pictures.
Rating: PG-13

31/50... hey, one to grow on )
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Title: The Bunny Killer
Pairing: Stephen/Ryan
Rating: G
Disclaimer: This is for [ profile] lukadreaming whom was promised Stephen/Ryan, with the prompt being chocolate, ages ago.  Sorry it took so long, babe.  *squeeshes you*  Ryan & Stephen belong to Impossible Pictures.  Kermit and his sprog are [ profile] fredbassett 's.  The marshmallow bunny was mine. ;-)



Ryan put on his best 'what did I do' expression and turned to face his lover.

"Yes, dear?"

"I can't believe you did that."


"You're a Special Forces captain. You should have more self control than that!"

"But, Kermit's sprog..."

"And now you're trying to blame an innocent child." Stephen advanced on Ryan, shaking his head. "Don't think I'll fall for it. You've got chocolate on your mouth."

Not that Stephen seemed to mind as he wrapped his arms around Ryan and began licking delicately at his lips, cleaning off every trace of the chocolate-covered marshmallow bunny.

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Title: Citadel
Warnings: None.
Rating: G, U
For: [ profile] myinkyfingers 
Summary: Using the song "Citadel" by The Cruxshadows and Nick/Stephen as the pairing.  I get no extra points unless there are extra points for FAIL!


Nine years.

Nine years, Stephen Hart had been in Nick's life. He'd stood by Nick through so much and Nick had needed him. Through pain... and joy... and then pain again. Sometimes, he was the cause of the joy and Nick clung to him in those moments. But, he'd also been the cause of some of the pain and Nick had shoved him away then.

What Nick hadn't realized was that Stephen had needed him as much and, without Nick, Stephen had nothing to hold onto and nothing to hold him up.

And he had fallen.

Nick wasn't far behind.

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An idea I'm toying with... NOT Denial friendly.

snippet here )
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Characters: Stephen Hart/Nick Cutter
Song: Baby, It's Cold Outside ~ Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison
Summary: Body heat.
Warnings: Non-smutty slash.
Author's Note: Thanks to [ profile] fififolle  and [ profile] lukadreaming  for the beta-read and feedback.  I muchly appreciate it.  And yay!  I get to end this meme on a fluffy note.  Go me! 

"We really ought to get a move on."

"Hmm... it's cold out there.  Let's stay here under the duvet where it's warm."

"Lester'll have our heads if we decide to have a lie in while the others are working."

"Since when do we give a fig what Lester thinks?"

"Give a fig?"

"I would have said fuck but I know how dirty talk turns you on."

"Since when is that a bad thing?"

"You're the one complaining Lester will be angry if we sleep in."

"Who said anything about sleeping?"

"Not me."

"We really should get up."

They stayed put.


Sep. 21st, 2008 05:55 pm
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Characters: Stephen Hart/Helen Cutter
Song: That's a Woman ~ Ryan Kelly & Paul Byrom of Celtic Thunder
Summary: Stephen was caught.
Author's Note: Many hugs and lots of virtual chocolate go to [ profile] fififolle and [ profile] lukadreaming  for their beta-reading skills and feedback.  Thank you kindly!

Helen Cutter was a black widow.

Stephen knew it down to his very core.  Knew if he fell for her it would mean the end for him.

Still he could not resist her.  Her intelligence.  Her body.  Her smell.  Everything about her drew him into her web.

He had no fight left in him when he finally gave in to her.  Wondered if he'd really been fighting it as hard as he should have.

She sunk her teeth into him and it was bliss, even as she sucked him dry.

He met his death with a smile on his lips.


Sep. 11th, 2008 08:52 pm
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Character: Stephen Hart
Song: Shattered (Turn the Car Around) ~ O.A.R.
Summary: This time he didn't turn back.
Author's Note: This one had to be finished and wouldn't adhere to the 100 words.  Sorry.

Stephen sat in the car, staring out the wind-screen.  He couldn't decide if he was having a hard time seeing the road in front of him because of the rain pissing down from the night sky or because of the tears in his eyes.

He had finally had it.

He was tired of feeling like shit.  He was tired of not being forgiven and not even being allowing to ask for forgiveness.  He was tired of having his attempts to make amends rebuffed.  He had been trying, it wasn't working and it was just time to go.

His heart couldn't take it anymore.

He'd tried to leave before but some part of him had always held out the hope that he could fix things.  Another night of being cold-shouldered by everyone but Connor, and cruelly so by Cutter, had finally killed that hope.  His friendship with Cutter was as dead as he was inside. 

Swiping angrily at his eyes, Stephen cranked the car's ignition and drove away from the ARC for the last time.

This time he didn't turn back.


Sep. 7th, 2008 09:38 pm
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Character: Stephen Hart
Song: Leave Out All The Rest ~ Linkin Park
Summary: Don't make a martyr...

He'd had time to hope they didn't make a martyr of him.  For too long, he'd let his friends think he was something he wasn't.  He had never been a hero.  Not with all the lies he had told and the betrayals.  Not when he was thinking of how much a failure he would be if he tried to take Nick's place.  Not when he was sacrificing himself only because he couldn't bear the thought of Nick dying hating him and dying for him despite hating him.

It was the only way he could think of saying, "I'm sorry."


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