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Title: Death by Chocolate
Rating: G
Challenge: [ profile] primeval100 #173, death by chocolate
Characters: Finn/Taylor, Robbie Finn (OCs)
Disclaimer: Finn belongs to [ profile] fredbassett. Robbie's mine. Taylor belongs to Impossible Pictures.


"Taylor, is the munchkin down here?"

Taylor focussed her best death-glare at her husband over top the magazine she was reading.

"Robert Finn, you're a trained special forces soldier. You can't keep track of a four year-old for five minutes?"

"I had to pee! I only turned my back for a second."

"Look for him in the kitchen. He was eying that—"

Suddenly, Taylor went pale in the face and bolted for the kitchen, where they found Robbie sitting on the floor covered in chocolate mousse, the empty bowl in front of him.

"Mummy, Daddy. I don't feel good."


Jan. 8th, 2010 12:11 pm
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Title: Fudge
Rating: G
Pairing/Characters: Taylor/Finn, Ditzy
Disclaimer: Primeval and its concepts belong to Impossible Pictures. Ditzy & Finn belong to [ profile] fredbassett whom I adore for letting me play in her sandbox. Adult Taylor Crane belongs to me but she loves to play with others and won't bite. Unless you ask her to.
Author's Note: Reading [ profile] lsellersfic 's awesome steampunk Primeval AU Nazis and Dinosaurs and Airships!! Oh My! featuring Taylor, Tanya Lacey and Mary Tremayne made me realise how much I miss Taylor so here's something small to try to work my way back to her.


“Why didn’t anyone tell me this was a bad idea?”

Ditzy raised his head from between her legs and grinned at Taylor.

“Hey!” Finn protested from where he sat behind his wife, supporting her back and shoulders. “We tried to stop you from coming through.”

“No, idiot,” Taylor snapped. “Letting you knock me up was a bad idea.”

“We tried to stop you there, too.” Ditzy replied. “Come on now, Taylor. Push for me.”

Taylor screamed as she contorted, trying desperately to push the stubborn baby from her body. Ditzy shook his head and she stopped, resting back into Finn’s strong arms.

“Fffff-fudge,” she said, tiredly. When she opened her eyes, Finn was giving her a look.



“Yes, fudge. No more cursing for me. I’m going to be somebody’s mum, you know.”

Finn beamed. “Yeah, yeah. I know.”


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Title: Green Hoodie
Challenge: Episode #2 on [ profile] 50episodes, Death
Fandom: Primeval
Characters: Taylor Crane, Sgt. Hugh McAllister
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Primeval and its concepts belong to Impossible Pictures. Hugh, Taylor and Shane belong to me. Finn belongs to [ profile] fredbassett.


She finds him at the beach, even though he tries desperately to hide, back pressed up against one of the huge black rocks that dot the white sand, knees drawn up to his chest. She might have missed him in the fading light if not for the bright green hoodie he's wearing in defense of the cold. Shane's hoodie...

She sits down next to him on the sand, taking his right hand in her left and kisses his knuckles before twining their fingers together.

“Don't you dare let Finn just walk away from you, Taylor.”

She opens her mouth to protest. She doesn't want to talk about this now. Not when everything is so raw and everything hurts and she misses Shane so much and she knows Hugh's own heart is broken and---

“If you love him, you fight for him. You fight for him like I never fought for Shane.”

He takes the hoodie off when she shivers and helps her put it on. He doesn't take his arms from around her and that's okay because he's solid and warm and alive and she loves him and she doesn't know how many more moments like this she'll get to share with him and she wants to savour what she gets.

He doesn't say anything else. Neither does she. Right now just holding onto each other is enough.

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Title: Blessing or Curse?
Characters: Taylor, Ryan, Blade, Stephen, Ditzy, Hugh, and Shane
Rating: G
Warning: None
Challenge: For [ profile] primeval100 prompt #110, Big Brother.
Authors Note: Ditzy and Blade belong to [ profile] fredbassett. I thank her for letting me play with them. Shane, Hugh and this version of Taylor belong to me. They are free to a good home. Ryan belongs to Impossible Pictures.


Blessing or Curse? )
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Title: Guide You Home
Characters: Finn/Taylor
Rating: G
Warning: None
Challenge: For [ profile] primeval100 prompt #108, Music.
Authors Note: Finn belongs to [ profile] fredbassett. As ever, I thank her for letting me play with him. This version of Taylor belongs to me. She is free to a good home. Primeval, its characters and concepts belong to Impossible Pictures.

Guide You Home )
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Title: Intoxicated
Characters: Kalti/Taylor
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Taylor is mine. Kalti belongs to [ profile] joereaves & [ profile] verito295. I thank them both for letting me play with the sexy, sexy man.

Prompts: Taylor/Kalti/intoxication/between the sheets )

Title: Roped In
Characters: Ditzy/Lyle
Rating: R
Warnings: Bondage
Disclaimer: Ditzy & Lyle belong to the lovely [ profile] fredbassett.

Prompts: Ditzy/Lyle/ropework )

Title: Pierced
Characters: Dane/Lester
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Dane belongs to the lovely [ profile] fredbassett. Lester belongs to Impossible Pictures.

Prompts: Dane/Lester/piercing )
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Title: I'm Sorry
Character: Finn, Taylor
Rating: PG
Warning: None
Disclaimer: Finn belongs to [ profile] fredbassett. I thank her for letting me play with him. This version of Taylor Crane belongs to me. Written for challenge #103, I'm Sorry, at [ profile] primeval100.

I'm sorry... )

Night Watch

Apr. 4th, 2009 09:28 pm
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Title: Night Watch
Rating: PG
Characters: Taylor Crane, Shane Wells
Warnings: None
Summary: Someone always waits up...
Authors Note: A double drabble companion piece to my Ryan/Shane fic, Pretty When You Cry. Thanks to [ profile] joereaves and [ profile] lucasquinn for beta-reading me. Taylor & Shane are mine but they don't mind playing with others, though, Shane does bite. ;-)

The sun was nearly up... )
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Title: The Rainbow Connection
Disclaimer: Blade & Finn belong to [ profile] fredbassett. I thank her for letting me play with the boys. Taylor, Hugh & Shane are mine. Everyone else belongs to Impossible Pictures. I wonder if Jim Henson ever imagined inspiring something like this?
Rating: PG

So yeah. This little thing had a real point three weeks ago. I've forgotten what it was, though, but am still madly in love with this scene so...

Someday we'll find it... )
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Disclaimer: Finn belongs to [ profile] fredbassett. As ever, I thank her for letting me play with him. Hugh & Taylor belong to me. Everyone else belongs to Impossible Pictures.
Rating: PG-13

31/50... hey, one to grow on )
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And I've claimed Taylor over at One_Liner @ IJ. *laughs a little hysterically*

001. Birthday. 002. Christmas. 003. New Year. 004. Mouth. 005. Thanksgiving.
006. Belief. 007. Bouncy. 008. Campfire. 009. City. 010. Country.
011. Cold. 012. Hot. 013. Warm. 014. Costumes. 015. Creative.
016. Determined. 017. Dog. 018. Dream. 019. Nightmare. 020. First Love.
021. Forever. 022. Flying. 023. Healing. 024. Innocence. 025. Guilt.
026. Feel. 027. Sight. 028. Sound. 029. Taste. 030. Touch.
031. Sixth Sense. 032. Hopeful. 033. Jealous. 034. Magic. 035. Massage Oil.
036. Meeting the family. 037. Animal. 038. Rain. 039. Rainbow. 040. Snow.
041. Storm. 042. Wind. 043. Enthralled. 044. Anonymous. 045. Romantic.
046. Sleep. 047. Life. 048. Weeks. 049. Tattoo. 050. Vengeance.
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I claimed Taylor/Hugh/Shane at [ profile] 50episodes because [ profile] joereaves is an evil enabler! ;-)

001. Birth. 002. Death. 003. Angry. 004. Awake. 005. Ball.
006. Books. 007. Bound. 008. Butterfly. 009. Champagne. 010. Choice.
011. Confused. 012. Curse. 013. Dawn. 014. Dusk. 015. Midnight.
016. Universe. 017. First Kiss. 018. Embarrassed. 019. Exhausted. 020. Fireflies.
021. Flirty. 022. Ghost. 023. Gold. 024. Silver. 025. Intimidated.
026. Happy. 027. Hero. 028. Villain. 029. Lonely. 030. Love Letters.
031. Messenger. 032. Mischievous. 033. Moment. 034. Months. 035. Music.
036. Meeting the family. 037. Nostalgic. 038. Poison. 039. Predatory. 040. Restless.
041. Sphinx. 042. Sunrise. 043. Sunset. 044. Runaway. 045. Shadow.
046. Sleep. 047. Spanking. 048. Thankful. 049. Treasure. 050. Vulnerable.
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Title: A Simple Cup of Tea
Challenge(s): Answers [ profile] primeval100 prompt #96 (Tea) and the het challenge at [ profile] primeval_denial.
Characters: pre-Ditzy/Taylor
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Ditzy belongs to the lovable Hound, [ profile] fredbassett. As always, I thank her for letting me play with him. Taylor Crane belongs to Impossible Pictures but this concept of her is mine.


It started as a simple cup of tea.

Chocolate chai she made, just for him, on the promise he'd stay away from the coffee-maker. She found him in his office, seated at his desk with his head bowed and his eyes closed. Without a word, she walked around the desk and set the cup down in front of him.

Then she saw the reports of the casualties from the latest creature incursion and she couldn't resist laying her hand, gently, on the back of his neck.

Suddenly, it became about a lot more than a simple cup of tea.


Feb. 15th, 2009 05:48 pm
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Posted from the [ profile] primeval_denial comment porn thread at [ profile] fredbassett's behest for archiving purposes. Apparently today was my day to write Taylor fic.

Tattoo )

Crying )

Restraint )
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Title: Water, Water Everywhere (2)
Characters: Cutter, Taylor, a Cleaner soldier
Challenge: [ profile] primeval100 
Rating: G
Warning: None
Spoilers: None
Authors Note: Cutter and the Cleaner belong to Impossible Pictures.  This version of Taylor belongs to me.

They'd entered the anomaly at a dead run, blind to what lay beyond. They soon found out when they splashed down, followed by the Cleaner soldier who'd been chasing them. Luckily, he'd smashed his head on a rock protruding from the water and wasn't a threat anymore.

It was that rock Taylor and Cutter clung to as the water rose around them.

Taylor was growing paler by the second and Cutter wondered aloud if she'd been injured.

She shook her head, gave him a sickly grin.

"I suppose now would be a good time to tell you I can't swim."

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Title: Brave New World
Characters: Taylor, Hugh, Shane, Finn (all OC's)
Spoilers: None
Word Count: 100
Challenge: [ profile] primeval100 
Authors Note: Finn belongs to [ profile] fredbassett . As ever, I thank her for letting me play with him.

Taylor grinned at Hugh’s reflection in the mirror, putting the finishing touch on her light make-up. Turning around, she gave him a quick hug before threading her arm with his. “I feel like I’m going to throw up.”


“The green goes well with your dress.”


She stuck her tongue out at him as they walked out into the hall where Shane was waiting for them, his tuxedo matching the one Hugh was wearing.  She could hear The Wedding March playing inside the church.

“Finn doesn't deserve you,” Shane teased, taking her other arm. “You sure you won't marry us instead?”

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So I know Taylor has been given a tag on the original character resource posts on [ profile] primeval_denial .  Even though she's not technically an OC, her current future/past as used in my fics were created by me.  So, could I get away with actually adding her to the resource posts as an OC or is that crossing the fanon/canon line?


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Title: Happy Christmas
Disclaimer: Taylor belongs to Impossible Pictures.  Hugh & Shane are mine.  Finn belongs to [ profile] fredbassett  and I thank her for letting me play with him.
Written for [ profile] primeval100 challenge #83, Winter Wonderland.
Warnings:  Schmoop.  I blame [ profile] fififolle .


Ow, my tooth! )
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Title: The Gym
Author: [ profile] thefakebook 
Rating: G
Challenge: #81, The Gym
Characters: Taylor, Hugh, Finn
Disclaimer: Taylor belongs to Impossible Pictures. Finn belongs to [ profile] fredbassett  and Hugh is mine.
Word Count: 100


"Taylor, come to the gym with me."


"A few of the guys are sparring tonight. Thought you might come and hang out for a bit."

"I've got better things to do than watch you beat each other senseless."

"Have a work-out then. Can you see your feet any more?"

She flipped him the bird just as Finn poked his head round the door.

"I thought you'd never ask Taylor," he said with a wink, before turning to Hugh. "You coming?"

"Oh we're right behind you, Finn."

Hugh mouthed a silent, "we?", as she pushed him out the door.


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