Night Watch

Apr. 4th, 2009 09:28 pm
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Title: Night Watch
Rating: PG
Characters: Taylor Crane, Shane Wells
Warnings: None
Summary: Someone always waits up...
Authors Note: A double drabble companion piece to my Ryan/Shane fic, Pretty When You Cry. Thanks to [ profile] joereaves and [ profile] lucasquinn for beta-reading me. Taylor & Shane are mine but they don't mind playing with others, though, Shane does bite. ;-)

The sun was nearly up... )
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Title: Pretty When You Cry
Rating: NC-17/18
Pairing: Ryan/Shane Wells (OC)
Warnings: Violence, dark fic, explicit slash
Summary: You can't break something that's already broken...
Disclaimer:: Niall Richards (Blade) belongs to [ profile] fredbassett. Shane Wells belongs to me. Ryan belongs to Impossible Pictures.
Authors Note: Many, many thanks go out to [ profile] fredbassett, [ profile] reggietate, [ profile] fififolle and [ profile] lukadreaming. They all beta-read, offered feedback and held my hand as I suffered smut-anxiety at some point or another. All remaining mistakes are mine, and mine alone. This fic was inspired by the song Pretty When You Cry by VAST.
Authors Note II: This takes place at some point after the end of Past is Prologue but before Save a Prayer.

But when I treat you bad it always makes you want to stay )
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Title: Good Morning Good Night
Characters: Hugh McAllister/Shane Wells (OC's)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Smut, PWP
Disclaimer: The Primeverse belongs to Impossible Pictures & ITV. Hugh and Shane are OC's created by me.
Author's Note: My first Primeval PWP! *meep* Thanks to [ profile] lukadreaming for the beta-read. I haven't forgotten I still owe you some Stephen/Ryan.
Word Count: 1302

Cut for PWP smut... )
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Title: Save a Prayer
Characters: Hugh/Shane, Taylor
Rating: NC-17, 18
Warnings: Slash, language, and oh so much angst
Disclaimer: Taylor and the Primeverse belong to Impossible Pictures. Hugh McAllister and Shane Wells are OC's created by me and they are free to a good home.
Author's Note I: This was written for the boys' biggest fan, [ profile] fififolle, who gets extra love for beta-reading her own fic. Any remaining mistakes are mine, and mine alone.
Author's Note II: This story was originally titled, Look After You, after The Fray song of the same title. The more I wrote and brainstormed, the darker the story became, and I realized the title no longer fit the tone. The story stalled because I'm one of those weirdos that finds titles to be an important part of my inspiration for my writing. So I plugged my earphones into my ears and shuffled the ANGSTY playlist on my iPod and ended up with Save a Prayer. My mom always said Duran Duran spoke to my heart. I don't think she meant it like this. ;-)
Author's Note III: Porn is too hard... which is why there isn't much of any in this fic. Even though I wanted there to be. Hugh kept mumbling something about modesty and Shane just gave me the evil eye. *pouts*
Word Count: 2786

Save a prayer for me now... )


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