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Characters: Stephen Hart/Nick Cutter
Song: Baby, It's Cold Outside ~ Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison
Summary: Body heat.
Warnings: Non-smutty slash.
Author's Note: Thanks to [ profile] fififolle  and [ profile] lukadreaming  for the beta-read and feedback.  I muchly appreciate it.  And yay!  I get to end this meme on a fluffy note.  Go me! 

"We really ought to get a move on."

"Hmm... it's cold out there.  Let's stay here under the duvet where it's warm."

"Lester'll have our heads if we decide to have a lie in while the others are working."

"Since when do we give a fig what Lester thinks?"

"Give a fig?"

"I would have said fuck but I know how dirty talk turns you on."

"Since when is that a bad thing?"

"You're the one complaining Lester will be angry if we sleep in."

"Who said anything about sleeping?"

"Not me."

"We really should get up."

They stayed put.


Sep. 21st, 2008 05:55 pm
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Characters: Stephen Hart/Helen Cutter
Song: That's a Woman ~ Ryan Kelly & Paul Byrom of Celtic Thunder
Summary: Stephen was caught.
Author's Note: Many hugs and lots of virtual chocolate go to [ profile] fififolle and [ profile] lukadreaming  for their beta-reading skills and feedback.  Thank you kindly!

Helen Cutter was a black widow.

Stephen knew it down to his very core.  Knew if he fell for her it would mean the end for him.

Still he could not resist her.  Her intelligence.  Her body.  Her smell.  Everything about her drew him into her web.

He had no fight left in him when he finally gave in to her.  Wondered if he'd really been fighting it as hard as he should have.

She sunk her teeth into him and it was bliss, even as she sucked him dry.

He met his death with a smile on his lips.


Sep. 14th, 2008 08:52 pm
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Characters: Connor Temple/Abby Maitland (mention of Cutter)
Song: Heroes ~ The Wallflowers
Summary: Even R2-D2 got to kick ass a few times.[ profile] rodlox[ profile] fredbassett

Abby was trying to comfort Connor, who was pouting about Nick calling him R2-D2.

"Artoo is the only one that knows the entire history of the Skywalkers.  He delivered the Death Star plans to the Rebel Alliance."

She laid a hand on Connor's shoulder, continuing to rattle off what she knew of everyone's favorite droid until she realized Connor was looking at her strangely.

"What," she asked.  "I'm just saying it's not the size of the bloke in the fight but the size of the fight in the bloke.  Maybe Cutter appreciates the size of the fight in you."


Sep. 14th, 2008 08:42 pm
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Characters: Abby Maitland/Connor Temple/Nick Cutter/mentions of Helen & Other-Helen and the Other-Team
Song: People Are Strange ~ Echo and The Bunnymen
Summary: She was baking!
Authors Note: The Other-Team & Other-Helen are sorta original characters created by me.

"This is all too weird.  She's baking now, for God's sake!"

Abby grinned at Cutter's exasperation.  Since Other-Helen and the Other-Team had set foot through the future anomaly, they'd had their share of weird moments with them.  It amused Abby that none of the other Others bothered Cutter nearly as much.  He wasn't used to seeing someone in the guise of his wife acting so, well, nice and domestic.

She was saying as much when Connor stumbled in.

"I like this Bizarro-Helen," he mumbled round a mouthful of chocolate biscuit.  "Can we keep her and send ours back instead?"


Sep. 11th, 2008 09:07 pm
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Character: Claudia Brown (Nick mentioned)
Song: Accidentally in Love ~ Counting Crows
Summary: She didn't know why Cutter had kissed her.

Claudia didn't know why Cutter had kissed her that day.  She suspected he didn't even know why he'd done it.

Maybe it was because he didn't know any other way to comfort her?  Though she couldn't imagine kissing someone in a moment like that to calm them down!  Having been on the receiving end of that kiss, she knew it had the exact opposite effect.  It had set her heart racing.  It had set more delicate parts of her aflame.

She didn't know why Cutter had kissed her but she knew she sure as hell wanted him to do it again.


Sep. 11th, 2008 08:52 pm
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Character: Stephen Hart
Song: Shattered (Turn the Car Around) ~ O.A.R.
Summary: This time he didn't turn back.
Author's Note: This one had to be finished and wouldn't adhere to the 100 words.  Sorry.

Stephen sat in the car, staring out the wind-screen.  He couldn't decide if he was having a hard time seeing the road in front of him because of the rain pissing down from the night sky or because of the tears in his eyes.

He had finally had it.

He was tired of feeling like shit.  He was tired of not being forgiven and not even being allowing to ask for forgiveness.  He was tired of having his attempts to make amends rebuffed.  He had been trying, it wasn't working and it was just time to go.

His heart couldn't take it anymore.

He'd tried to leave before but some part of him had always held out the hope that he could fix things.  Another night of being cold-shouldered by everyone but Connor, and cruelly so by Cutter, had finally killed that hope.  His friendship with Cutter was as dead as he was inside. 

Swiping angrily at his eyes, Stephen cranked the car's ignition and drove away from the ARC for the last time.

This time he didn't turn back.


Sep. 7th, 2008 09:38 pm
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Character: Stephen Hart
Song: Leave Out All The Rest ~ Linkin Park
Summary: Don't make a martyr...

He'd had time to hope they didn't make a martyr of him.  For too long, he'd let his friends think he was something he wasn't.  He had never been a hero.  Not with all the lies he had told and the betrayals.  Not when he was thinking of how much a failure he would be if he tried to take Nick's place.  Not when he was sacrificing himself only because he couldn't bear the thought of Nick dying hating him and dying for him despite hating him.

It was the only way he could think of saying, "I'm sorry."


Sep. 7th, 2008 08:05 pm
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Character: Nick Cutter
Song: Have A Little Faith in Me ~ John Hiatt
Summary: He waits...

Nick Cutter didn't have a lot of faith left these days.  But he had faith in the anomalies, in their ability to bring the past forward and the future back.  They had brought Helen back, for better or for worse, and he was convinced they would bring Stephen back to him, too.  They had to because Nick had to tell Stephen that he had forgiven him.  That he didn't deserve to die for what he had done.

Above all, Nick had faith in Stephen.  He knew Stephen would come back, if he could.

So Nick sits and he waits. 


Girl Things

Sep. 7th, 2008 01:36 am
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Characters: Connor/Abby
Song: Mamma Mia ~ ABBA
Summary: It was an irresistible temptation...

He knew it was wrong, a bit pervy, but it was an irresistible temptation.  So Connor leaned his head against the wall, closed his eyes and delighted in the sounds emanating from behind the door.  She splashed about, her voice rising and falling at all the right moments, taking pleasure in her weekly ritual.  She would kill Connor if she knew he spent every Wednesday night outside the loo while she did her 'girl things' in the tub, but he couldn't help it.

Disco had never sounded as lovely to his ears as it did when Abby was singing it.


Most Alone

Sep. 7th, 2008 12:37 am
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Characters: Connor/Abby
When The Night Comes ~ Joe Cocker
Who was holding Nick?

It was in the night that Connor had felt the most alone.  He'd be left to the dark thoughts that made his heart hurt and his mind race.  He'd think of Tom and Stephen and Ryan and he'd want to cry.  Sometimes he did cry.  But then, one night, Abby crawled into bed with him.  He'd wrapped his arms around her as she snuggled against him, her damp cheek pressing against his chest.  Somehow, he'd felt better then, knowing that neither of them was alone.

But he'd had to wonder who was holding Cutter, letting him know he wasn't alone.


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