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Title: Small World
Rating: G
Characters: Nick Cutter, Jake Cutter
Challenge: [ profile] primeval100  #200, past challenges (#75 – Crossover and/or Favorite Character)
Disclaimer: Neither Tales of the Gold Monkey, Primeval nor their respective characters belong to me.
Summary: The world is smaller than you think. )
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Title: A Fear of What!?
Characters: Nick/Dane, mention of Ditzy
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Gratuitous nudity and crack (not that kinda crack)
Summary: Dane has a phobia.
Disclaimer: Nick belongs to Impossible Pictures. Dane & Ditzy belongs to [ profile] fredbassett.
Authors Note: I blame [ profile] kerry_louise & [ profile] lonely_candle for this. They know why. Thanks to [ profile] fredbassett for the quick and dirty beta.

A Fear of What? )

Evil bunny!

Apr. 5th, 2009 10:46 pm
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Cutter's hands shook as he read the first page of the file spread out before him on his desk.

"It can't be," he mumbled to himself. "This has to be a fake."

Captain Stephen Becker.

Born May 2000.

"Stephen Hart was my father, Cutter."

Cutter stiffened, not daring to turn around to face the young man.  And, though he already knew the answer to his question, Cutter asked it any way.

"And your mother?"

"Hello again, Nick."

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Disclaimer: Finn belongs to [ profile] fredbassett. As ever, I thank her for letting me play with him. Hugh & Taylor belong to me. Everyone else belongs to Impossible Pictures.
Rating: PG-13

31/50... hey, one to grow on )
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Title: Citadel
Warnings: None.
Rating: G, U
For: [ profile] myinkyfingers 
Summary: Using the song "Citadel" by The Cruxshadows and Nick/Stephen as the pairing.  I get no extra points unless there are extra points for FAIL!


Nine years.

Nine years, Stephen Hart had been in Nick's life. He'd stood by Nick through so much and Nick had needed him. Through pain... and joy... and then pain again. Sometimes, he was the cause of the joy and Nick clung to him in those moments. But, he'd also been the cause of some of the pain and Nick had shoved him away then.

What Nick hadn't realized was that Stephen had needed him as much and, without Nick, Stephen had nothing to hold onto and nothing to hold him up.

And he had fallen.

Nick wasn't far behind.


Feb. 15th, 2009 05:48 pm
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Posted from the [ profile] primeval_denial comment porn thread at [ profile] fredbassett's behest for archiving purposes. Apparently today was my day to write Taylor fic.

Tattoo )

Crying )

Restraint )
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Title: Water, Water Everywhere (2)
Characters: Cutter, Taylor, a Cleaner soldier
Challenge: [ profile] primeval100 
Rating: G
Warning: None
Spoilers: None
Authors Note: Cutter and the Cleaner belong to Impossible Pictures.  This version of Taylor belongs to me.

They'd entered the anomaly at a dead run, blind to what lay beyond. They soon found out when they splashed down, followed by the Cleaner soldier who'd been chasing them. Luckily, he'd smashed his head on a rock protruding from the water and wasn't a threat anymore.

It was that rock Taylor and Cutter clung to as the water rose around them.

Taylor was growing paler by the second and Cutter wondered aloud if she'd been injured.

She shook her head, gave him a sickly grin.

"I suppose now would be a good time to tell you I can't swim."

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Characters: Lester, Lyle, Ryan, Connor and a little o' Nick
Summary: Underneath his normally starched exterior, Sir James Lester was wearing a leather thong.
Warning: Crack!fic
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note:  Many thanks to [ profile] fredbassett  for letting my borrow Lyle and for beta-reading the fic for me.  Also thanks to [ profile] fififolle whose comment inspired and then incited this ficlet.

thong, thong, thong )
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Characters: Stephen Hart/Nick Cutter
Song: Baby, It's Cold Outside ~ Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison
Summary: Body heat.
Warnings: Non-smutty slash.
Author's Note: Thanks to [ profile] fififolle  and [ profile] lukadreaming  for the beta-read and feedback.  I muchly appreciate it.  And yay!  I get to end this meme on a fluffy note.  Go me! 

"We really ought to get a move on."

"Hmm... it's cold out there.  Let's stay here under the duvet where it's warm."

"Lester'll have our heads if we decide to have a lie in while the others are working."

"Since when do we give a fig what Lester thinks?"

"Give a fig?"

"I would have said fuck but I know how dirty talk turns you on."

"Since when is that a bad thing?"

"You're the one complaining Lester will be angry if we sleep in."

"Who said anything about sleeping?"

"Not me."

"We really should get up."

They stayed put.


Sep. 14th, 2008 08:42 pm
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Characters: Abby Maitland/Connor Temple/Nick Cutter/mentions of Helen & Other-Helen and the Other-Team
Song: People Are Strange ~ Echo and The Bunnymen
Summary: She was baking!
Authors Note: The Other-Team & Other-Helen are sorta original characters created by me.

"This is all too weird.  She's baking now, for God's sake!"

Abby grinned at Cutter's exasperation.  Since Other-Helen and the Other-Team had set foot through the future anomaly, they'd had their share of weird moments with them.  It amused Abby that none of the other Others bothered Cutter nearly as much.  He wasn't used to seeing someone in the guise of his wife acting so, well, nice and domestic.

She was saying as much when Connor stumbled in.

"I like this Bizarro-Helen," he mumbled round a mouthful of chocolate biscuit.  "Can we keep her and send ours back instead?"


Sep. 11th, 2008 09:07 pm
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Character: Claudia Brown (Nick mentioned)
Song: Accidentally in Love ~ Counting Crows
Summary: She didn't know why Cutter had kissed her.

Claudia didn't know why Cutter had kissed her that day.  She suspected he didn't even know why he'd done it.

Maybe it was because he didn't know any other way to comfort her?  Though she couldn't imagine kissing someone in a moment like that to calm them down!  Having been on the receiving end of that kiss, she knew it had the exact opposite effect.  It had set her heart racing.  It had set more delicate parts of her aflame.

She didn't know why Cutter had kissed her but she knew she sure as hell wanted him to do it again.


Sep. 7th, 2008 08:05 pm
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Character: Nick Cutter
Song: Have A Little Faith in Me ~ John Hiatt
Summary: He waits...

Nick Cutter didn't have a lot of faith left these days.  But he had faith in the anomalies, in their ability to bring the past forward and the future back.  They had brought Helen back, for better or for worse, and he was convinced they would bring Stephen back to him, too.  They had to because Nick had to tell Stephen that he had forgiven him.  That he didn't deserve to die for what he had done.

Above all, Nick had faith in Stephen.  He knew Stephen would come back, if he could.

So Nick sits and he waits. 


Most Alone

Sep. 7th, 2008 12:37 am
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Characters: Connor/Abby
When The Night Comes ~ Joe Cocker
Who was holding Nick?

It was in the night that Connor had felt the most alone.  He'd be left to the dark thoughts that made his heart hurt and his mind race.  He'd think of Tom and Stephen and Ryan and he'd want to cry.  Sometimes he did cry.  But then, one night, Abby crawled into bed with him.  He'd wrapped his arms around her as she snuggled against him, her damp cheek pressing against his chest.  Somehow, he'd felt better then, knowing that neither of them was alone.

But he'd had to wonder who was holding Cutter, letting him know he wasn't alone.


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